What Our Parents Say

Mary Pollerd and her family

“Conversations with Maria about parenting are supportive and comforting. Maria provides a listening ear and allows me as a parent to share my worries and hopes and then she delivers gentle advice. Maria discusses children's development and is able to talk about each of my boys and where they are at age and stage wise before assisting me to develop my own plan moving forward. The conversations that always stay in my mind after time with Maria are the discussions around talking with my husband and working with him to create our own shared parenting language and goals. Definitely recommend.”

— Mary Pollerd, mother of 3 boys

Morag McKillop and her family

"Maria is an invaluable resource to our family. She has helped us with sleep and feeding issues in the early days. Now our girl is 2.5 years old, and Maria's sensible, insightful responses to our queries about development and behavior reduce any worries and given us a way forward. Thank you Maria, for being so calm, open and non-judgemental. Somehow you create a space where there are no silly questions. Where we feel we can discuss anything from fears about child wellbeing to insecurities about our parenting. Your support is a godsend, and our discussions with you always leave us feeling more confident, capable, and empowered."

— Morag McKillop, mother of one girl
(Photo credit: Sophie Timothy)

Stacey Maloney McCall and her family

“Maria has been a dear friend for 20 years. Her passion,daring and joy for life is so totally infectious, she is loving, caring and a wonderful listener. Maria has always been someone I have gone to when I needed an ear ( or a cup of tea) as raising 5 teenage girls can have its challenges. I always know she speaks from the heart and from a place of absolute authenticity. Her own beautiful children are a testament to Maria and her partner Glenn's dedication to the importance of family and home.”

— Stacey Maloney McCall, mother of 5 girls


What Our Professionals Say

Sarah Kousal and her family

“Maria builds connections so effortlessly and genuinely because it is her mission to be accountable, to represent and to propel others to greatness. She has true character traits and personal qualities that lift you up in pursuit of all things.”

— Sarah Kousal, Acting Coordinator Health and Family Well-being, Moonee Valley City Council

Liz Parle and her family

“Thank you Maria for your support, knowledge, wisdom, creative passion and thinking. Your ability to think outside the box and to inspire others is contagious. It is clear your heart is in supporting the best outcomes for children and families and changing trajectories.”

— Liz Parle, Team Leader Maternal & Child Health, Moonee Valley City Council

Kay Fitzgerald and her family

“Maria has a wealth of experience in the early years field and shares her knowledge about children and families in an engaging real-life manner. Maria is able to integrate research information into practical everyday scenarios for families. She is in touch with the realities of parenting and provides expert advice that acknowledges parents as their child's first educators and who know their child the best. If you attend one of Maria's sessions you will come away with tips and ideas to assist your whole family's wellbeing.”

— Kay Fitzgerald, Pedagogical Leader, Moonee Valley City Council


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