The Parenting Framework


What Is The Framework?

The parenting framework is a unique plan developed for your family by you with guidance from the parent coach. It puts you in control of managing your family life and building meaningful relationships with your children of any age.

The framework is built on what's important to you and what you want for your children and your family. It's based on your beliefs, values, rules, your child and your family. You may just want strategies to reinforce your parenting practice because you feel you have lost your way or there maybe some new difficulties in family relationships and you would like some support. Together, we will work out the best way to get there.

It's worked for other families and it can work for you. You will feel empowered and more confident as an expert parent enjoying a genuine connection with your child.

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Monday – Saturday
Morning, Afternoon or Evening

1:1 consultations online (FaceTime or Skype options available) or within the home for families living within 20 km of Kensington, Melbourne.


The parenting framework is $260 for the initial package and this includes a 1.5 hour consultation, a family plan emailed to you and a follow up phone call to each parent. See below for more detail.

Subsequent consultations are $180 per hour.


The framework is for you if:


✔ Do you feel that all you ever say to your child is ‘No’, ‘Don’t do that’, ‘I will take that off you’, ‘I am going to send you to your room’? I can help you consider other ways of understanding and managing your child’s behaviour and getting better behavioural outcomes.

✔ Do you feel frustrated because you don’t understand your teenager and you seem to be at loggerheads all of the time. I can support you with some knowledge around teenagers and share some strategies you might like to try .


✔ Do you feel you don’t have the time or energy to enjoy hanging out and connecting with your children? Would you like to build better relationships within your family? I can help you work on family life so there is time to have fun together.

✔ Do you spend too much time feeling angry with your partner because of what they do and don’t do. I can help you open up conversations and get you to come together and work on a family plan that will outline clear roles and responsibilities for each of you.


Sound like you?


How does it work?

Initial Consultation with the Parent Coach


We will get together for about 1.5 hours and discuss what matters to you. You will reflect on your experience of being parented and what influences your own parenting style and approach today. You will unpack what type of parent you want to be and what type of family you want to have? What dreams you have for your children? What rules are important to you? This is considered in light of your children, yourself, your partner and what’s happening in the family right now.

A productive brainstorm session with lots of questions and answers to explore your situation and determine what advice and strategies you need from The Parent Coach to get there.

Developing the Framework with The Parent Coach


The Parent Coach will put everything together and write up an effective, tailor-made framework (plan) for you. I will email it to you and ensure it resonates with you.

It will be simple, structured and based on exactly what you need. Your family will work with the framework (plan) for around 2-3 weeks to give you time to practice.

Follow Up Session with The Parent Coach


At a time that suits you, we’ll touch base via phone and see how the family plan is working. Changes can be made to the framework to ensure it is meeting the needs of your family. Commitment and consistency is the key to success, and I am happy to provide further sessions to keep your new momentum.


Feeling overwhelmed and confused? Let me help you.