Meet the Parent Coach


Hi, I’m Maria!

Children have always held a special place in my heart and I feel privileged to have shared a part of their life journey. At the Royal Children’s Hospital, early in my nursing career, I witnessed the pivotal role parents played in providing a secure base for their children. I also witnessed the negative affects on children when there was no genuine connection with their parents. It wasn’t due to a lack of love and I was interested to learn about the blockers. Having my own children gave me great insight into the complexity of parenting and all of the influencers that shape the type of parent you become.


Developing the Parenting Framework

For the past 16 years I have been enveloped by birth as a Midwife and early parenting as a Maternal and Child Health Nurse. My knowledge has been enriched and I developed a parenting framework, based on research and evidence, that I have tested in practice for many years. This has supported parents to build and nurture healthy relationships with their children. It is simple, it makes sense and it has worked. It can work for you and your family too, no matter the ages of your children or the makeup of your family.

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My Vision

To provide parents with the strategies they need to create genuine connections with their children and enjoy this special relationship.